City Manager Tom Ambrosino Honored at Farewell Celebration

Chelsea officials and residents honored outgoing city manager Tom Ambrosino at a farewell celebration Jan. 12 at the Morris Seigal Clark Avenue School.

It was a touching and uplifting ceremony as Chelsea gave a heartfelt “thank you” to Ambrosino, who served seven-and-a-half years in the top administrative position in city government.

Tom Ambrosino receives a Citation from the Massachusetts
State Senate by Senator Sal DiDomenico for serving the City of Chelsea as City Manager.

City Council President Leo Robinson, dean of city government, presided over the awards presentation and speaking program.

With Supt. of Schools Dr. Almi Abeyta and former superintendent, Dr. Mary Bourque, in attendance, the CHS Concert Band, directed by Shannon Chick, the CHS Orchestra, directed by Ali You, and CHS students Lissell Padilla-Herrera and Anthony Martinez Trigueros performed impressively in front of the large gathering.

Dr. Abeyta and School Committee Chair Kelly Garcia presented a Public Schools Service Award to Ambrosino. State Reps. Judith Garcia and Jessica Giannino presented state citations, while Councillor-at-Large Damali Vidot delivered the Council’s Set of Resolutions on behalf of her colleagues.

The slideshow depicting Ambrosino in scenes at events during his tenure in Chelsea was masterful.

Chelsea Senior Center Director Tracy Nowicki presented a gift basket from Chelsea and offered some kind words on behalf of city department leaders.

“I personally wanted to thank you for being so trustworthy of us,” said Nowicki. “For us to be able to provide the great municipal services to residents of Chelsea – that trust that you gave in us allowed us to the wonderful job that we do.”

Prior to Ambrosino’s farewell address, Leo Robinson, on behalf of the city, presented to Ambrosino a Chelsea Clock in appreciation of his outstanding work and commitment to Chelsea as its city manager.

Ambrosino received standing ovations from the audience before and after his speech.

“I really am touched by the kindness that you showed me tonight and the entire time I’ve been here as city manager,” said Ambrosino. “I have absolutely loved being the city manager of this city. I have enjoyed being the city manager here more than I enjoyed any other job in my life. Everyone has been so good to me in my time here. My city councils have been incredibly supportive to me. They were so wonderful and trusting of what I was trying to do, and I’m so grateful.”

Ambrosino thanked the community-based organizations for their collaboration and accomplishments through the last seven years. “It’s been such an honor to work with you. The city is so blessed to have incredible community-based organizations. It really makes this place a special place.”

Speaking about the residents of Chelsea, Ambrosino said, “They were always such a pleasure to work with. Even though I do not live in Chelsea, they always made me feel like this was my home and they welcomed me with open arms. I’m going to miss this place so much. I felt that I was always doing God’s work here. It just made me feel so good to serve the people of this community.” In his remarks, Ambrosino made it a point thank the farewell celebration planning committee who did a tremendous job. The committee’s members were Leo Robinson, Dr. Almi Abeyta, Ned Keefe, Cheryl Watson-Fisher, Lourdes Alvarez, Fatima Melara, Veronica Dyer-Medina, Ricky Velez, and Michael Sullivan.

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