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Our Democracy is at Stake

To the Editor:

The January 6 attack on our nation wasn’t a random act by a handful of sore losers, but a premeditated and organized insurrection. Now, thanks to the hearings, there’s overwhelming evidence that Trump and his allies were at the helm of it.

We heard from former members of the Trump administration and Republican state officials about how Trump illegally pressured the Vice President, the Department of Justice, and state legislatures to overturn the election he knew he lost. And when it didn’t work, he summoned an armed mob to march on the Capitol Building in a final, violent attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

These insurrectionist  candidates haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, more than 100 of them have already won their primaries. It’s up to us to do our part and vote to make sure they don’t win this fall.

Should these dangerous candidates win their elections, we could have election deniers in key seats of power, like secretary of state and county clerk, ready to overturn whatever election results they don’t like.

Our democracy is at stake. If we want to hold onto our freedoms to vote, to have our votes decide elections, and to rely on elections to keep our leaders in check, then we have to cast our ballots during the midterms this year on November 8th.

Jo-Ann Sipple


Dear Editor,

I am proud to support Roberto Jimenez-Rivera to be Chelsea’s new state representative. In all of my years working as a youth sports organizer- I have had the chance to meet many families and young people and understand many of our community’s needs. During my time serving as a City Councilor, I have also seen how local government works and how important it is to have the right representative for our city.

Though Roberto is a fairly new face in this community- he’s a face that has and is always present. I am supporting Roberto because he is an independent candidate that isn’t associated with any groups and puts people before politics. I am supporting Roberto because it is evident that his role on the School Committee has shifted the dynamics & moved things along for the betterment of our city.

It is important that we have representation that will focus on the entire city and bring people together. In the past two elections, he has received more votes than any other candidate in both School Committee and City Council. This is proof that the city has overwhelmingly supported him because of the quality of his work.

I am not the most political person but I deeply care for my city and the hundreds of young people and families I work with through my sports organizations. Prioritizing community needs first and foremost is what our city needs and I believe in my heart Roberto Jimenez-Rivera is the candidate to do. Please join me in voting for Roberto own September 6.

Yamir Rodriguez

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