Silver Lining Solutions Nursing Home Residents and Staff Hold Appreciation Ice Cream Social

In appreciation for all of the outstanding work our Katzman Family Center for Living care givers have provided over the past several years and also to provide the Katzman Family Center  residents with a refreshing break from the summer routine, Silver Lining Solutions held an ice cream social on Thursday July 14.

Silver Lining Solutions President Darcia Tremblay and her dedicated staff of Medicaid Case Managers made a brief presentation providing information and appreciation to over 100 hundred residents and members of the staff. They all saved room for ice cream as Darcia and her staff scooped up a variety of tasty ice cream flavors and topped them off with hot fudge, strawberries, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Silver Lining Solutions is a professional services firm that provides Medicaid application assistance throughout New England. Located in Topsfield, MA Silver Lining Solutions with over 12 years of service has processed thousands of Medicaid applications and has maintained a 98% approval rating. We monitor the spend down, provide full disclosure of the Patient Paid Amount (PPA) at the initial meeting, manage all notices, process all documents, confirm all verifications are submitted in a timely manner and send weekly status updates to the nursing facilities.

Our philosophy and approach is based upon a caring, compassionate, and personalized relationship with the residents and families while maintaining open communication with the nursing facilities.  For additional information please visit

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