School Updates

District Updates

•The Chelsea SEPAC had a great presentation hosted by Laura Perez from MAC, families learned about the process of ‘Understanding the IEP’, two parents joined the SEPAC Officials during this learning session, Officials hope to welcome more families in future meetings.  For any questions regarding special education or equity in access to education please contact our Help Line: (617)357-8431,, Laura Perez, Massachusetts Advocates for Children.

•On Friday, March 26, educators, students, community organizers, and individuals across the country will celebrate the  annual Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day. This year’s theme: ‘Building Bonds, Reimagining Communities’ recognizes and reinforces the ways in which individuals, schools, and communities have used social emotional skills to remain connected and engaged during the pandemic. A special thank you to district and school-based SEL Teams who have worked to support students, staff, and families!

•The Burke Complex Administration/Parent Liaison met last week with Families regarding the plans of  reopening school. They held had a total of three sessions during different times of the day. 

Berkowitz School Updates

•Berkowitz artists are going on a virtual field trip  in art class with Ms. Mambuca and exploring the habitat of a Clown Fish in the Pacific Ocean’s coral reef ecosystem. They are learning how to draw an underwater scene using a foreground, middle-ground and background. 

Hooks School Updates

•Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Camacho’s class celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a craft. They created and hung rainbows, hoping to attract some leprechauns.

Sokolowski School Updates

•First graders have been receiving weekly lessons from UMASS Nutrition. This week, Ms. Bridget took the students in 214 on a farm tour. Students discovered the process of taking care of a cow to eventually having dairy products at our grocery store. 

•The Functional Academics class at the Sokolowski School has been working so hard in Science over the past two weeks. Last week, all became engineers and built roads out of materials from at home. Then they drew cars and imagined them on new roads. This week, they did some Peeps Science. When finished, students had to follow directions to draw a Peep that looked just like the ones being used in class. Ms. Caruso, Ms. Braga, and Ms. Rando are all so proud of the work these students are doing every day.


Partners •Springboard Learning Accelerator – Free remote after-school reading program for students in K-3. Chelsea Public Schools kindergartners, 1st graders, 2nd graders, and 3rd graders are invited to participate in a 10-week program designed to help parents, students and teachers build a team and improve reading skills. The program includes five remote workshops, twice a week remote instruction for the students at 45 minutes each, and practice reading at home together. Prizes awarded for those that excel. To enroll, go to

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