Eastern Minerals Looking at Off-Shore Wind Business

The ownership of Eastern Salt on Marginal Street said this week they are looking into expanding their business to provide a supporting role for the emerging off-shore wind industry in Massachusetts.

Joe McNamee of Eastern Salt appeared at the Council meeting on Monday to advocate for some zoning changes for Marginal Street that would allow for uses to accommodate the potential new business.

Afterward, he said they are looking into this new opportunity for their Chelsea properties.

“Yes we are excited to begin exploring opportunities for Maritime support to the Off Shore Wind Industry,” he said. “We are in the early stages, so I do not have a lot to report.”

The zoning changes come within a package that looks to create a new Waterfront Upland District along Marginal Street and McNamee was advocating for special permit status for fabrication and storage; marine construction; marine intermodal; bulk storage of cargo and freight; and container operations/marine cargo.

By allowing those uses by special permit in the district, it could open up off-shore wind opportunities for Chelsea. 

“In doing so it would keep the door open to the opportunity of the emerging Off Shore wind business to locate some of its maritime needs in Chelsea and good paying jobs that are associated with this business,” he said. While there is nothing firm to report on the matter, McNamee said he’s hopeful there could be good news in the coming months.

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