Chelsea School Update

Early Learing Center Updates

•Ms. Bova’s First Grade Class sharing what they learned about Dr. Martin Luther King.

•Mrs. Faiella’s class is learning about shapes. Students used different tools to make shapes, and they used sticks, marshmallows, tooth picks, playdough and pom poms.

•Miss Maddie’s class talked about peace and equality and their hopes for the world. One student wrote and talked about his hope being the end of COVID and that the vaccine will allow us to go back to in person learning. 

•Ms. Jackie’s class at the ELC had 2 mystery readers from parents this week. They came onto the Zoom and read a story in both English and Spanish.

•Last Friday, in Ms. Jessica’s kindergarten class, we talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children came up with their own dreams to make the world a better place.

Kelly School Updates

•Many classes have had 6th grade guest readers from Mrs. Drafts and Mrs. Ramos’ classes read “Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King” and talk about how Martin Luther King Jr. was one person who made a big difference by persuading many people to work for racial justice.

Then, the 6th graders helped the first graders make word clouds. Ms. Cusick’s class made a connection with Peter Reynolds’s book “The Word Collector” and then used words inspired by the messages of Martin Luther King Jr.

•During the read aloud, 3rd graders in Mrs. Donovan’s class jotted down questions and the 6th graders answered those questions after the reading. It was not only an informative visit, but a fun one too. The students were excited to see the faces of other Kelly School students.

•It was a busy day last week for Ms. Cusick’s 1st graders, who also had a visit from Kelly the Dolphin, who had heard about the class’s hard work living out the “Rainbow Rules” and particularly showing kindness. The class asked Kelly some thoughtful questions, like “Do dolphins like to eat bananas?” (Yes, but Kelly prefers plátanos because flippers make bananas hard to peel.) and “How do dolphins show kindness?” (Dolphins stick together and often work together to protect and help other dolphins and friendly humans.)

•3rd graders in Ms. Johnson’s class had worked with her and Ms. Gold to strengthen their persuasive writing with opinions, reasons, examples, and evidence. They were so persuasive that Principal Lineweaver is now convinced why a hamster might be a better pet than a guinea pig, which role in Among Us is the best one to play, and why recess is an essential part of in-school daily schedule.

Hooks School Updates

•During Physical Education Miss Drake had her students say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. Students created vision boards with words and pictures that inspire them to be better people and to achieve their goals.

•Students in Ms. Johnson’s first grade class have been learning about discrimination and American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. Last Friday, students presented their own “I have a dream” speech. The first graders are excited to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Sokolowski School Updates

•During Friday’s school meeting, students not only celebrated the amazing Red Triangle Earners, but also talked about the importance of social justice, reflecting upon the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Students and teachers enjoyed Ms. Wivchar’s performance of the song “Martin Luther King”, reflected on poems and essays shared by students, and watched a read aloud of the digital book “Strong Love”, written and designed by Sokolowski art teacher, Mr. Demetrius Fuller.

•This morning, students in Ms. Yi and Ms. Rossi’s classes had their first Learning Buddy session. The third graders prepped questions for “conversation starters” and were in charge of keeping the conversation going with their first grade buddies. They also listened to Clark the Shark and got back into breakout rooms for a book talk. One 1st grader shared that she was “nervous and didn’t want to do this.” By the end, she was smiling from ear to ear and even wrote a poem about things she loves with her 3rd grade buddy.

•Congratulations to third grader Isabel Iraheta for winning the Elementary Poem portion of the 2021 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chelsea Public Schools Contest. Shout out to Mr. Fagerberg for creating space and leading students in meaningful discussions about civil rights.

Morris H. Seigal Clark Ave. Middle School Updates (Cams)

•Supporting CAMS students in reading is important to the Clark. Principal Talbot has enjoyed conferring with one student who attends our Online Learning Center. Literacy coach Ms. Kaczmarek was outside Friday helping students choose books.

Chelsea High School Updates

•CHS Senior Sonyangelie appeared on Fox 25 News promoting the Boston Children’s Choir’s annual MLK Jr. Tribute Concert. 

•Inversant’s enrollment season just kicked off. Visit the website to learn more about the new virtual learning experience (English / Spanish) or if ready to register, sign up. Chelsea High School and the Chelsea Opportunity Academy families are welcome to learn about the new virtual programs and to register. Please share with Chelsea families, teachers and staff. Feel free to reach out by email or phone anytime for more information: [email protected] or 857-335-8221. 

Chelsea Opportunity Academy Updates

•COA staff led by Alvin Rivera, Christian Kelley and Chabeli Nadal will be hosting a live inauguration event for our school community next week. They have prepared a presentation to explain the process right down to moving in and out of the White House. Students have guiding questions to consider as they listen to speeches and observe the ceremony with a discussion to follow. Thanks to Kim Huffer and Chabeli, the COA students are prepared to handle any challenges should they occur.

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