Chief Kyes praises residents for help in recent shooting incidents

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said residents are stepping up and being very helpful in at least three recent shooting incidents in the city, including one very brazen incident that happened on Tuesday night on Clinton Street.

Kyes said they are actively investigating all of the shooting events, and in the previous two – there were injuries. One shooting on Spruce Street hit a woman in the calf, and two men were stuck by bullets in the hand and arm in a shooting on Essex Street.

On Clinton Street Tuesday, Kyes said residents and witnesses – who often are reluctant – stepped up and it was very helpful to police.

“In the interest of full disclosure, oftentimes witnesses and victims are reluctant to cooperate with the police, both on the immediate scene and during any subsequent follow-up investigations based on a multitude of factors and circumstances,” he said. “That said, this was absolutely not the case Tuesday night on Broadway. Everyone on the scene was incredibly cooperative and helpful. We hope to have more arrests and resulting prosecutions in the near future.”

The shooting took place at 6 p.m. and shots were exchanged between two or three individuals. No one was injured, but there were rounds that went into the side of a home on Clinton Street. Through an investigation and the help of the neighborhood, Kyes said they were on the cusp of an arrest.

“At this time we have sought and received an active arrest warrant in the Chelsea District Court for one of the individuals that was identified through surveillance video,” he said. “We continue to exhaust any and all investigative leads to identify, locate and prosecute those additional subjects that were involved in this and other serious incidents.”

In addition, Chelsea Police have seized several firearms off the streets in the last several weeks. He said they plan to hold those caught accountable and do their very best to keep the residents of Chelsea safe during these challenging times.

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