CHS Administrator to Be Featured in Gateway Cities Forum

New data from Brown University show that low-income students in Massachusetts earn nearly one-third less than their peers as adults. Education, including both pre-K-12 as well as higher education, has the potential to create equitable opportunities for students – but not in its current state.

Strategies to Increase Diversity and Equity in Education, the second in MassINC’s series on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for a Strong Recovery, will focus on strategies to correct disparities in educational opportunities and outcomes for students of color.

The panel will start the session by recognizing Gateways Champion State Representative Aaron Vega for his many years of service, including co-authoring the PROMISE Act, a precursor to the Student Opportunities Act.

Then, Shirley Edgerton, a cultural proficiency coach with Pittsfield Public Schools, will share how she is diversifying the educator workforce by building a program to recruit teachers from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). When students see themselves represented in the classroom, experiences and outcomes improve.

Kimberley Murphy, assistant principal for grades 11 and 12 at Chelsea High, played a lead role in building one of the largest and most successful Early College programs in Massachusetts. She’ll discuss how the initiative has improved college attendance and completion rates for Black and Latino students. Join MassINC on October 15 for an action-oriented conversation on the state of equity in education

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