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I Support Damali Vidot

To the Editor,

My wife and I moved to Chelsea in 1984.  Associates from work and friends laughed at us and said we just as well could have thrown our money off the Tobin Bridge. Well, 36 years later, I am still very proud to tell people we live in Chelsea. Living here, I became involved in our city and our neighborhood. I am currently on the Chelsea’s Economic Development Board, my wife and I are part of GreenRoots, and I am very active in our homeowners association on Admirals Hill.

Over those 30+ years, we have seen many changes in our city. Some of the changes were okay and some of them have made our city Great.

Every important and meaningful advancement in our city has one thing in common…a dedicated leader who makes it their mission to get things done for the residents.

Several years ago I met such a dedicated leader as I was attending a meeting of our City Council. I watched her step up for the people of Chelsea time and time again even as she met strong opposition.  She persevered and provided the leadership needed to put the people of Chelsea first.

That leader was Damali Vidot.

Now, she wants to take her energy, experience, sound judgement, and leadership to a new platform.

As a voting citizen of Chelsea, I am very pleased to support Damali Vidot for our State Representative in Charlestown and Chelsea.  I encourage all my fellow citizens to support Damali and vote for her on Tuesday, September 1.

Joseph H. Fuchs Jr.

Dan Ryan Has My Vote

To the Editor,

On September 1, 2020, independent-minded voters like myself will be making important decisions that will impact the direction of where our community and neighborhood will be going.

As a former Director of Development of Centro Latino de Chelsea, I know what Chelsea was like a few years ago. It was a receiver city, with few opportunities and not exactly family friendly. I remember the thick fog of industrial pollution hovering over the smoky air and an unpleasant odor of uncollected garbage. I remember the sparse business establishments, shops, eating places.

But look at Chelsea now – vibrant, bustling with retail business, shops, restaurants, families feeling safe and neighborly.

All because Dan Ryan fought hard to bring quality public education, affordable housing, mass transportation, championed the environment, and pushed for good wages. Dan delivers. He is not just talk and promises. He brings results. He has a proven track record of accomplishments for the communities her serves.

That’s why he has my vote. He had my vote then; he has my vote now.

Voting for Dan Ryan is voting for my best interests. It is voting for OUR best interests. Dan Ryan knows how to work with public officials, community leaders and grassroots to make good things come true.


Betty King

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