Cogliano Leads CCC Clothing Distribution Effort

Chelsea Community Connections Director Cara Cogliano began her professional career in Chelsea 28 years ago.

“My first job out of college at BU was at the Williams School in 1992,” recalled Cogliano. “I was a pre-school teacher. It was before there was a [John Silber] Early Learning Center [at the Shurtleff School].”

Chelsea Community Connections (CCC) distributed clothing on Saturday to local families. From left, are Irma Mazzoni, CCC Director Cara Cogliano, Adele Gonzalez, Susana Carella,
and Steicy Martins.

Cogliano, who has had an accomplished career in early childhood intervention and family services, later earned a Master’s degree in Management in Health and Human Services (MMHS) from Brandeis University.

Cogliano returned to Chelsea in 2012 after being asked to help out the Chelsea Community Connections program. She has been a director at CCC for the past eight years.

On Saturday, Cogliano led a group of volunteers in distributing free children’s summer clothing items. Several local families turned out for the well-organized program that was held on Luther Place behind the Chelsea Walk off of Broadway. Residents donated the clothing that had been collected during a drive also held at Luther Place.

The clothing drive reaffirmed the agency’s continuing success in strengthening local families and building a healthier community. The agency is funded by the state Department of Children and Families (DCF).

“We’re trying to prevent families from getting involved with the department for child abuse and neglect,” said Cogliano. “We connect families to resources and information that will help them provide for their families.”

CCC’s office is located at 113 Hawthorne St. where Cara Cogliano works with Program Assistant Yesenia Perez in assisting local families.

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