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I Offer My Support

To the Editor,

As Suffolk County District Attorney, I am pleased and honored to offer my unqualified support for Chelsea City Councilors Roy Avellaneda, Joe Perlatonda, Giovanni Recupero, and dean of the council Leo Robinson.

Chelsea is fortunate to have such dedicated public servants at the city’s helm. Their support in my campaign was critical to my election and I look forward to continuing our work together in making Chelsea an even safer, more vibrant and inclusive community.

Like the city itself, these councilors are diverse and have great pride in Chelsea. They know and love the community and are dedicated public servants. They have my unwavering support and I hope the residents of Chelsea vote for their re-election.

Rachael Rollins

Suffolk County

District Attorney

I Support Damali Vidot

Dear Neighbors,

In just a week, on Tuesday, November 5th, we will have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote.  I’ve had the honor to represent District 2 on the Chelsea School Committee for the past 8 years and I humbly ask for your support as I’m seeking re-election.  Chelsea residents we must come out to vote.  It is our Civic duty and responsibility to choose who we feel is the best candidate to represent us both on School Committee and City Council.  To represent me on the Chelsea City Council I will be voting for Damali Vidot.

I support Damali Vidot for Chelsea City Councilor, At Large. She is from our community, she knows our community, and she has proven that she will fight for our community.  She is a true champion for the people, all people, of Chelsea.

Damali has been an activist all of her life, and that translates to her leadership style as President of the City Council. She is unafraid in boldly advocating for housing equity and responsible development, infrastructure improvement and accessibility, youth engagement and empowerment, environmental justice, and providing a platform for all to be involved in our political process.

I trust Damali. I trust Damali because I trust her process. She knows how to get things done and has the resources and networks to do so. Damali knows the importance of collaboration – with local businesses, organizations, and regional leaders- when providing solutions for Chelsea’s specific needs.

I feel safe and confident knowing a fellow mother, the only woman serving At-Large, is in office looking out for our families and our children. Having raised both of my children in Chelsea, I know first-hand the value of leaders and role models who prioritize youth development. It really does take a village to raise a child, and Damali has been working to empower our kids – have you heard of The Movement Basketball League – and prioritizing the betterment of our education system for over twenty years. Damali’s mission is one built on transparency, empathy, and inclusivity. I stand with Damali because I know she stands with us.

I hope you will join me in re-electing Damali Vidot for Chelsea City Council, At Large, on Tuesday, November 5th. Damali is first on the ballot! See you at the polls.

Jeanette Velez – School Committee District 2

Franklin Avenue

We Support Damali Vidot

Dear Friend and Voter:

We write today to request your support and consideration for City Council President Damali Vidot.  As Chelsea residents and community leaders, we strongly support Damali for re-election, for many reasons, some of which include:

As a mother, she has first-hand knowledge of  and prioritizes the needs of our Chelsea’s youth  who face so many challenges.

As a homeowner, she knows about property taxes, the drivers of gentrification and how difficult it is to make ends meet, especially for those who are elderly, disabled and low-income.

As a community activist, she knows how to fight for the needs of our community.

As a lifelong Chelsea resident, she knows that Chelsea is a place where generations come together to make a difference, to make improvements.

As the first female to be City Council President for two consecutive terms, she knows how to be a role model for young women looking to make a difference.

As a small business owner, Damali understands the challenges facing our local mom and pop stores. She works with them to ensure their success while meeting the cultural & economic goals of the city.

In the four short years Damali has been on the Chelsea City Council, she positively impacted life for all Chelsea residents by:

Leading the re-creation of the Chelsea Youth Commission, now active and staffed

Working with the City Manager to revamp and create the City’s Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department which supports youth jobs, community events and a centralized system for permitting parks and schools facilities.

Meeting with the General Manager of the MBTA to demand better public transportation for Chelsea residents. This won a Chelsea Public Transit Task Force, free fares into Boston on the commuter rail and Silver Line.

Supporting the City of Chelsea’s successful bid to win a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize.

Worked together with community and academic partners to bring a Noise Study to Chelsea to engage residents in monitoring noise from the airport and related industries.

Fought for a strong Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance that provides deeper affordability for Chelsea homes.

Founded The Movement basketball league in partnership with community leaders, which provides Chelsea youth a positive recreational outlet. Organized Free Back-to-School Haircuts event for dozens of Chelsea youth with Yamir Rodriguez and local barbers and hairstylists.

Stood with Puerto Rican families devastated by Hurricane Maria and fought for PR’s debt relief to help rebuild the Island and get families back into their homes.

Signed on as an Affiant in Conservation Law Foundation’s lawsuit against Everett’s Exxon Mobil facility that is placing hundreds of Chelsea and Everett residents’ lives at risk of climate impacts. 

In short, as a lifelong resident, mother, activist, and homeowner, Damali Vidot understands the needs and concerns facing our community. Damali is supported by and has been endorsed by dozens of elected officials and unions.  As community leaders, we too support her and we hope you will join us in voting for Damali Vidot on Tuesday, November 5th.

Stacy Amaral

Jose E. Argueta

Roseann Bongiovanni

Christian Calvo

Sawandi Cassell

Maureen Cawley

Vladimir Chino

Joan Cromwell

Minnie Cruz

Judie Dyer

Sandro Figarola

Nidia Frometa-Peguero

Maura Garrity

Paula Garrity

Luca Henriquez

Jose Iraheta

Enio Lopez

Catherine Maas

Tito and Lyn Meza

Efrain Molina

Paul Murphy

Yahya Noor

Eric Portnoy

Alejandrina Rodriguez

Mike, Sara and Kiaralis Sandoval

Marisol Santiago

Mayra and Luis Romero

We Support Mark Rossi

Dear Editor,

To our fellow Chelsea residents and voters,

We are writing to encourage you to consider Mark Rossi for one of your three votes for Chelsea City Councillor at Large.
We all know Mark Rossi through different paths. But we all agree that Mark is a dedicated, passionate and intelligent person. His work as a lawyer and his time on the Licensing Commission show his ability to interpret and create effective law and policy. Mark’s role as an adoptive father and his dedication to the Human Rights Commission and Affordable Housing Trust Fund demonstrate his empathy for his neighbors with varying needs and vulnerabilities. His extensive pro bono work is a testament to his desire to do the hard work without the fame.
Mark Rossi is more than our friend and neighbor. Mark is a leader. Chelsea needs and deserves a leader like Mark, especially at this pivotal time for the city. This time of rapid development is leading to a housing crisis, fueling infighting among our elected officials. We need someone like Mark on City Council to help elevate the conversation and affect real change with notable results. This can only occur with comprehensive ideas and creative solutions from a qualified candidate. We join the Fire Fighters Local 937 and many many others in endorsing Mark Rossi for Chelsea City Councillor at Large!
For these reasons and more we encourage you to vote for Mark Rossi for Chelsea City Councillor at Large on November 5th. He is third on the ballot. For rides to the polls or questions, please call 617-466-9310.

Matt Frank
Former City Council President
Efrain Molina
Business Owner
Carolyn Boumila Vega
Community Activist
Beth Novak
Community Activist

Pepper Fee
Home Owner 

Dan Cortell
Former City Council President
Marnie MacAlpine
Deb Cronin
Lifelong Resident
Sharlene McLean

Community Activist
April Swartz
Home Owner

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