Police Briefs 11-29-2018


On Saturday, November 17, Chelsea Firefighters and Police responded to two serious motor vehicle accidents.

The first accident occurred at 1 a.m. at the intersection of Revere Beach Parkway and Everett Avenue involving two vehicles traveling eastbound on the Parkway that collided, sending one of them into a guardrail entrapping the passenger. Chelsea Firefighter from E1 and T1 under the command of Capt. Rogers responded to the scene. Crews had to extricated the victim from the vehicle using the Jaws and Hurst Cutting tools. The victim suffered serious non-life threatening injuries and was transported to MGH Boston. Massachusetts State Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

At 3:45 a.m. crews were dispatched to the area of 92 Garfield Ave. (see above photo) for a report of a motor vehicle accident. On arrival crews from E1 and L2 under the command of Capt. Brown observed the aftermath of a collision with a vehicle on the sidewalk that stuck a parked vehicle and stone front entranceway of a Garfield Avenue home causing extensive damage to both vehicles and the property. Chelsea Police are investigating the cause of the accident.



With the 2018 holiday season fast approaching, the Chelsea Police Department is once again reminding all residents to be aware  of package theft as a result of internet shopping.  The department wants everyone to take some common sense steps so they do not become a victim of the Holiday Grinch.

The police department is taking a number of steps to prevent package thefts during the holiday season: uniformed and plain clothes officers have received training in the method of operation of package thieves. Officers are also made aware that thieves typically see UPS or Fed Ex trucks delivering packages as good opportunities to follow them to their delivery points and steal the items left behind. The following tips may prevent residents from becoming victims this holiday season:

  • Request a drop-off time and date when you will be home; use a tracking number to follow your packages; request that the courier leave packages at the side or rear doors away from open view or with a neighbor who is home;.  You may also request that your package delivery require a recipient signature.
  • If you have a home security system, the department recommends you “prominently display your home security system decals and signage,” and set electronic alerts to receive notifications when the system detects activity around your delivery zone.
  • Utilize email or text notifications regarding the status of your delivery; and consider purchasing a locking parcel delivery box that can be bolted down or otherwise secured.


Police Log

Wednesday, 11/14

Michael Catino, 34, 125 Lawrence St., Malden, was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon.

Thursday, 11/15

Daneal Gebremedhin, 41, 22 Lawton St., Lynn, was arrested on a warrant.

Charmaine Perkins, 51, 54 Cottage St., Chelsea, was arrested on a warrant.

Friday, 11/16

Leonides Bones, 61, 260 Clark Ave., Chelsea, was arrested on a warrant.

Saturday, 11/17

Jose Burgos-Murillo, 61, Homeless, Chelsea, was arrested for shoplifting.

Sunday, 11/18

Jose Palma-Delgado, 42, 39 Francis St., Everett, was arrested on warrants.

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