Perlatonda Announces His Candidacy for District 3 City Councilor

For the past 12 years living in this Great City called Chelsea and as a former City Councilor I Joseph Perlatonda has always and will continue to put our Chelsea residents first.

Chelsea’s Safety and Future in my Number 1 Priority along with:

Education: As we continue to grow we must develop a well education system for our future children.

Employment: Must have a job market that provides stability for our entire citizens of Chelsea.

Housing: Affordable housing.

Parks: Insure our parks are safe for not only Chelsea residents but for those who come to visit our city to enjoy such beauty.

Parking:  Provide a parking system that works for all of us here that provide and accommodates the growing number of vehicles.

Businesses: Strive to encourage keeping and bringing new business to Chelsea.

And last but not least keep our City clean and attractive to recognize what a beautiful City Chelsea really is.

 As I propose all of these and will continue working with all of you let’s not forget where we all came from and Keep Chelsea the Great and beautiful City and community that it is today.

With my help as your District 3 City Councilor there is nothing that can stop us from moving forward and accomplish all and more of these things that I have discussed today.

So when you go out to Vote on Tuesday November 7, 2017 remember the voice of experience and  one that is willing to work with all of you no matter how big or small the issue may be.


Joseph PERLATONDA District 3 City Councilor

Polls open 7am-8pm

St. Rose School

580 Broadway

Chelsea, MA 02150

[email protected]

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