City Officials Claim Victory for Now in Sanctuary City Federal Case

By Seth Daniel

The ruling by a federal judge in California’s 9th Circuit that President Donald Trump’s Sanctuary City executive order is unconstitutional has by extension created a “total victory” for the City in its own federal lawsuit filed in Boston Federal Court – the 1st Circuit.

“For the moment, it is a total victory for everyone who has filed a similar lawsuit against that executive order,” said City Manager Tom Ambrosino this week.

The ruling in the 9th Circuit came from a case, much like Chelsea’s, that originated in Santa Clara County, California. The ruling says that the president cannot target Sanctuary Cities by excluding them from federal funding or grant programs.

“It absolutely affects our case,” said Ambrosino. “Basically, this prevents the president from enforcing his order.”

He said the case, which Chelsea brought with Lawrence, has been put on a stay until further notice.

While the current executive order against Sanctuary Cities has been struck down, the Trump Administration does plan to appeal the matter.

Also, Trump could issue another executive order trying to accomplish the same thing.

“It that happens, we’ll be back fighting in Massachusetts federal court,” he said.

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