Chelsea Schools Adopt Universal Free Lunch for Next School Year

By Seth Daniel

Many say there is no free lunch, but those folks would be wrong if there were in the Chelsea Schools next year.

The Chelsea Schools announced that within their new budget is a component that will allow free lunch for all students in all grades next school year.

“We have included universal free lunch in next year’s budget,” said Supt. Mary Bourque.

Bourque said the schools have had universal free breakfast for the last five years.

“We did it so we could make sure students who need to eat are getting the food they need,” he said. “It isn’t something we will lose money on because we get the federal dollars.”

School Committeeman Bobby Pereira said he thought it was the right step.

“I feel this is a great step for our community,” he said. “Given the current structure it is difficult to pinpoint who is low income and who is not, and that should not be an issue concerning our students when they go to into the lunch line. I feel all of our students need to be nourished and provided the best meal possible for the day. I am excited about this program and hope it goes through.”

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