Meeting the President

Browne Middle School (BMS) 5th grader Toni-Chanelle Suncar, 10, travelled to Washington, D.C. on Monday to participate in the White House Science Fair, one of only a handful of children nationwide to be invited to the event. Suncar left Monday morning from Boston, participated in a roundtable discussion on women in the sciences, showed her work at the science fair, met President Obama and then jetted back to Chelsea on Monday night. Suncar got the ibmsnvite for her noteworthy project of writing computer code to create a computer game called ‘Slap the Unicorn.’ Through the BMS’s partnership with Citizens Schools and Digitas Corp., Suncar worked on making the game. After it was completed, the two entities entered her in the running to participate at the White House, and she ended up being invited. BMS Principal David Leibowitz said not only was it Suncar’s first trip to Washington, D.C., it was the first time she’s been on an airplane since she was at toddler. He said that even though Suncar was nervous to meet President Obama, she was able to get out a few sentences that she had practiced at home

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