Bunker Hill Celebration of Black History Month Was an Impressive Event

We’re so fortunate to have Bunker Hill Community College as a vibrant member of our community. There are so many great things happening educationally on the Chelsea campus in the heart of Bellingham Square. Local students have the convenience of having a highly respected community college right in their city and are presented with the golden opportunity of pursuing an associate’s degree on their advancement to a four-year college.

The excellence of the Chelsea campus of BHCC reflects positively not only on interim Dean Dr. Vanessa Shannon and Associate Dean Sharon Caulfield, but on the entire community college operation led by President Dr. Pam Y. Eddinger.

John Chirichiello has been a goodwill ambassador for BHCC in our city, contributing his time, energy, and services to local organizations and keeping the school in the spotlight.

BHHC celebrated Black History Month last Thursday with a with an adaption of the Oscar Micheaux Family Theatre program’s presentation of “Harlem Renaissance Revisited with a Gospel Flavor.”

It was an excellent event that drew a large crowd. The event was educational and well received by the audience. This celebration was another shining example of Bunker Hill Community College’s contribution to our community.

Thank you, Bunker Hill, for being a great neighbor and your outstanding tribute to the Black History Month celebration in our city.

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