Council Hopes to Play Catch-Up Monday Night

The City Council will meet on Monday and try to do some catch up after having had to cancel two previous meetings due to snow emergencies.

The two snow cancellations corresponded with what was expected to be the first two important votes in moving along the process for hiring a new city manager. On Jan. 26, the Council was expected to vote on a document to hand out to prospective applicants, and on Feb. 2, the Council was expected to vote on a committee charged with selecting the Screening Committee.

Neither of those votes took place, and with more snow predicted on this coming Monday, Council President Leo Robinson said emergency measure might need to be taken.

“We’re going to meet Monday night and try to take up all the business we missed,” he said. “We’re hoping we can meet and not get snowed out again. We’ll have to call for a special meeting if we do because we need to get the Screening Committee going and we need to approve the planning document so we can start getting some applications in.”

Robinson said once the Council has voted on the group of Councillors charged with choosing the Screening Committee, he doesn’t see it as a long process.

He said many folks in the community have already begun submitting applications and names to be considered for the committee.

“We’re going to be able to make up the time we lost and this won’t set us back,” he said. “Once the special committee selects the Screening Committee – which should only take about two meetings – they’ll start meeting with the Collins Center to review and receive resumes. I don’t think it will take that long to do.”

The Council is expected to meet on Monday, Feb. 9.

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