Quick Thinking Fire Captain Helps Police Nab Dangerous Car Thieves

There’s no work like teamwork and Chelsea Fire gave a head’s up assist to the Chelsea Police last Friday, Jan. 2, in apprehending two alleged car thieves.

The situation began when Acting Fire Capt. Joe Conlon heard over the EMS radio that a Chelsea Police officer had spotted a stolen vehicle in the area of Cary Avenue. The officer reported over the radio that the car was headed towards Broadway, but the officer wasn’t sure whether it had turned north or south on Broadway.

At that same time, Engine 3 was returning to the station for a call and Conlon had opened the overhead door and activated the stop traffic light for the engine to back into the station.

Lo and behold, as he did that, he spotted the car that had been allegedly stolen.

It was stopped at the light and waiting for Engine 3 to finish.

Exercising some quick thinking, Conlon ordered Engine 3 to stay in the middle of the street and block traffic for a while in order to buy some time.

As that happened, Conlon contacted dispatch to notify the police that the vehicle in question was stopped in front of the station and was blocked in by the fire engine.

Police responded immediately and removed and arrested both suspects at gunpoint.

Who says firefighters only put out fires?

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