Hugh Mclaughlin Was a Great Public Official and Wonderful Person

Hugh McLaughlin was a giant in this city when politics and mayoral elections were the talk of the town and the dominant story in the daily  Chelsea Record newspaper.

McLaughlin received the honor from the citizenry to serve two terms as Mayor of Chelsea during a golden era (the 1950s) in this city’s history. McLaughlin was a personable, highly respected mayor of a thriving city, taking his rightful place alongside the other legendary city leaders of that time, Andrew P. Quigley and Al Voke.

McLaughlin was beloved by Chelsea residents. He had a great personality, eloquence, and charm and was admired by people who worked with him at City Hall and those who watched him lead our city so well.

He served our city as a Chelsea Police Officer, earning distinction in that career as well.

Mr. McLaughlin was also an outstanding basketball player and played at the semi-professional level. He continued to follow sports and took up golf, a game he enjoyed well in to his retirement in Florida.

We remember personally the love, warmth, and hospitality one would experience when they entered the McLaughlin family home at the corner of Kimball Road and Washington Avenue. The children of Hugh and Gertrude McLaughlin, Skipper, Diane, and Michael made guests feel comfortable and welcomed and friends and relatives of the McLaughlin’s appreciated their kindness and the enjoyable times during holiday visits and other times of the years.

There are no more mayors of Chelsea. But we are all fortunate that there were mayors and that Hugh McLaughlin led our city, lived here, and raised a great family here.

Thank you, Mayor McLaughlin, for all you did for out city. May you rest in peace.

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