Pizza on the Parkway: Brandano’s Now Serving Its Specialty

Shannon Brandano displays her signature pizza at Brandano’s located at 21 Everett Ave.

Shannon Brandano displays
her signature pizza at Brandano’s
located at 21 Everett Ave.

Brandano’s has been a busy spot from May to October, serving up ice cream and slush to customers at the store on Revere Beach Parkway.

Former Chelsea resident Shannon (Antle) Brandano, owner, has now decided to take her store to the next level, adding pizza, specialty cakes, tiramisu, and homemade cannolis, ravioli, and manicotti to the menu.

It’s the pizza that has been attracting legions of new customers to Brandano’s which will now be open year round.

“My pizza is special because it took me two months to get it right,” said Brandano, who is also a practicing attorney.

Brandano said she uses “an Italian peel tomato, a fine milled dough, and three different cheeses, always with fresh basil, and thin crust”  in her signature pizza recipe.

“I grew up cooking. I come from an Italian background and I grew up making my own dough and learning from my mother how to make pasta, homemade slush, and cheesecake, you name it. Family was very important and we always got together for big meals.”

Pizza at Brandano’s is $2 per slice, $9.99 for one classic whole cheese pizza. The store will have specials: one whole pizza for $7.99, two whole pizzas for $14.99. The store provides delivery service.

“We’re not your typical pizza store,” said Brandano. “We’re the familiar corner store where you can come in and get the homemade slush and pizza.”

Brandano is a graduate of UMass/Lowell with degrees in Political Science and Criminal Justice. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Law and has a law practice in Malden.

Brandano said her husband, Michael, is the co-owner of the store and has been very supportive of the venture.

Shannon Brandano said the reaction to her fresh basil pizza has been overwhelming.

“It’s been unbelievable – people are saying to me, ‘Nobody makes pizza like this,’ or “It tastes just like the pizza I had back in the day.’ “I had a customer from Naples, Italy come in here and he said it tastes like it was from home. That’s when I knew we had something really special going on here.”

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  1. jose lopez
    December 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    i love & i like my pizza just right & there not making pizza the way they use to anymore … by the looks of this here makes my

    mouth watery ile have to taste this one here just hope its as good as

    they say

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