Lester Erickson and Brigham’s on Broadway

We always enjoy seeing our old friends and long-time readers of The Chelsea Record and thus was the occasion when we ran into former Chelsea resident Lester Erickson Wednesday morning.

What a pleasure it was to see Lester and reminisce about his days at Shurtleff Junior High School where was ninth grade class president (Students didn’t enter Chelsea High until the tenth grade), a star on the Shurtleff School basketball team, captain of the school traffic squad, and one of the school’s most popular students and best athletes.

“I peaked in the ninth grade,” Lester told us with a smile.

At the age of 14, Lester began working at Brigham’s Restaurant on Broadway. He said it was Shurtleff School Principal, the late Joseph E. Henry, who helped him get his first job.

Brigham’s was a popular restaurant, widely known for its iconic ice cream brand. Lester eventually became the manager of the Brigham’s in what then a thriving franchise of restaurants.

Lester always had a smile and knew his customers well from his many years in Chelsea.

Lester is now living on the North Shore and he told us that he follows the Chelsea High sports teams, especially in the State Tournament.

And like all Shurtleff School students who had the honor of having Mr. Arnold Goodman as their English teacher, Lester had great memories of Mr. Goodman, his former teacher and coach who passed away this year.

Lester Erickson is a wonderful link to the Chelsea we knew years ago.

Once a Chelsea kid, always a Chelsea kid.

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