Greenway Project Not to Be Overlooked

All summer long, Chelsea residents and City leaders attended meeting after meeting to advocate and discuss the Silver Line Bus Service coming to Chelsea.

For the most part, all they wanted was the new service.

What they got was the new bus service and a beautiful new walking greenway part to accompany it.

Along the path of the Silver Line, from Eastern Avenue to Chestnut Street, an ambitious multi-use pathway is also being planned along the Silver Line route. Beginning at the Box District Station, the path will begin to elevate above the Silver Line, meeting Broadway at its grade, continuing across Broadway and onto an elevated section adjacent to the St. Rose property.

“We’re so grateful that our other goal for the old railroad right of way is also being accommodated,” said Ash.  “When complete, there’ll be an opportunity for walkers, joggers, bicyclists and skateboarders to travel almost a mile between Chestnut Street and Eastern Avenue. There will be two at grade crossings, at Broadway and at Cottage Street, but otherwise this will be a dedicated route that will feed into what we eventually hope is paths along the Chelsea waterfront, both on Eastern Avenue and Marginal Street.

“There won’t be a seamless connection to routes in or planned for East Boston or Everett, at least not yet,” continued Ash. “However, it will add to the experience that regional bicyclists can enjoy, while providing a tremendous benefit to those who are just staying internal here in Chelsea.”

The $3 million Greenway will be built by the state Department of Transportation and will be funded through the State Environmental Affairs Office.

Like the Silver Line Busway, the City is pledging to maintain the Greenway, including snow removal, trash pick-up, pavement maintenance and policing.

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