ZBA Says ‘no’ to Check Casher on Parkway

There is no shortage of ‘Check Casher’ stores and ‘multi-service’ bodegas in Chelsea, and neighbors on the Parkway were firm in voicing their disapproval over adding yet another such store to the heap that already exist in the city.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) emphatically denied a petition by Demko Realty Trust to put a check casher/multi-service store at 280 Parkway during a meeting on Tuesday night.

In a rare show of force, several neighbors came out to speak against the proposal and the ZBA apparently heard those concerns.

In other ZBA news:

•The Board voted to approve a Special Permit for a developer to re-establish three units in a vacant building at 411 Broadway. The dilapidated building currently houses a cell phone store on the first floor commercial unit, but four residential units above have been long-abandoned.

The Planning Board ok’d the plan, but rejected the original proposal of four units. With that in mind, the developer – Xiao Juan Ren – presented the ZBA with a plan for three units.

• A plan to locate a new restaurant at 181 Washington Ave. called ‘King of Wings’ was okayed by the Board.

1 comment for “ZBA Says ‘no’ to Check Casher on Parkway

  1. Kris
    August 9, 2013 at 11:30 am

    THANK YOU. Chelsea does not need anymore Check Cashing places or “Bodegas”. FINALLY the ZBA has some sense. Enough already. Tired of seeing store fronts with either check cashing places or bodegas.. not even just one or two in a square, Chelsea can have as many as FIVE within 50 feet of each other. Do we REALLY need that many?

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