Murray’s Resignation Mentioned in Same Breath as Mclaughlin

The surprise announcement Wednesday of Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s intended resignation next month from his post has frequently been mentioned in the same sentence as the upcoming sentencing of former Chelsea Housing Authority Director Michael McLaughlin.

Murray has been tied frequently to the McLaughlin investigation, even once testifying before a Grand Jury in the federal case. Murray was a close political ally of McLaughlin’s and many insiders watching the McLaughlin case believe that Murray is the ultimate target for authorities.

That, however, has never officially been said.

On Wednesday, Murray resigned to take a regional Chamber of Commerce position in Worcester – his hometown – that pays more than $200,000. Administration officials on Beacon Hill said the timing of his departure had to do with the availability of the job – noting that it would not be open in 2015 at the end of Murray’s term in office.

He has long-ago ruled out a run for governor.

The McLaughlin case has had virtually no movement in a month’s time, with the last action coming at the end of April in a mundane extension of the sentencing. McLaughlin was originally supposed to be sentenced last week on May 14th. Now, however, he will be sentenced on June 14th.

His plea deal with the federal government explicitly lays out the fact that the more he helps with the ongoing investigation/prosecution, the more lenient his sentencing recommendation will be.

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