Kitty Connection Hosts Book Signing Event by Local Author

Download: Book Signing Flyer

Kitty Connection is hosting a book signing and reading event at Bestsellers Café on May 18, 2013, Saturday at 3 in the afternoon. Bestsellers Café is located in downtown Medford at 24 High Street. The book is “Girl On A Leash: The Healing Power of Dogs,” written by Charlestown resident and local author Betty King.

To celebrate 9 years of dedicated volunteer service to the human-animal communities of Medford, Charlestown, Malden, Everett, and Chelsea, Kitty Connection, an all-volunteer animal rescue group is proud to sponsor this book event to kick-off  the first phase of  fundraising plans of Kitty Connection as it moves to its next level of growth. All proceeds of the book sales go to Kitty Connection and directly benefit dogs and cats.

Betty King, a development officer for nonprofit organizations, has been a volunteer for Kitty Connection ever since 6 feral cats descended on the backyard of her brick townhouse in Charlestown.

In her inspirational memoir, King shares poignantly vivid stories of  her life in Asia, Europe, and different parts of America in the company of many dogs who “found”  her and heal her disorderly soul with their unconditional love.

In this trenchant work, an Asian-American gives testimony that dogs cross the species barrier to help a human as she copes with issues of identity, marginality, culture shocks, family dysfunctions, interracial marriages, love, hate, and violence in her journey from Asia and Europe to America. Dogs help her overcome problems she encounters in a complex, multicultural, but interrelated world.  In the end, King finds her authentic identity with people who share a common love for animal pets and a common cause to animal welfare.

An animal rescuer for 20 years since her beloved borzoi was brutally shot and killed in North Carolina in 1993, she writes: “By giving help, I receive help… By giving an unwanted dog a new lease on life, by assuaging the pain of an abused dog, I palliate my own pain… Creatures who injure one another can also heal one another.”

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