Bids Finally Go out for New Mill Hill Fire Station

It’s been quite some time since the City committed to demolishing and fully rebuilding a new Fire Station at the Mill Hill (Engine 3) location on Broadway, but this week construction bids finally went out on the project.

City Manager Jay Ash said that the logistics of shuffling firefighters strategically around the City while the station is under construction has been difficult, and the design has been a while in the works too.

“It has been a long process looking at design issues in the old building and temporary relocation of those working there,” said Ash. “We expect we’ve addressed all that needs to be addressed, so the bid process has begun.”

The architectural firm, Galante Architecture of Boston, has designed the new station and they bring a portfolio that includes such gems as the new Topsfield Town Hall and numerous notable fire stations in New York City.

Bids for general contractors will be opened on Nov. 21st, but sub-bidders for things like masonry will be opened on Nov. 7th.

The City has scheduled a pre-bid conference and site tour next week on Oct. 15th.

The project is substantially funded by federal Stimulus dollars, so there are numerous restrictions on wage rates and American-manufactured materials.

The project is expected to break ground next year, and will require firefighters and fire apparatus to relocate for several months.

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