Keep Al Ewing

Chelsea Housing Authority Executive Director Al Ewing should be kept on as the Chelsea Housing Authority’s Executive Director.

In the post Mike McGlaughlin era, Ewing, untainted by everything that came before, has done an admirable job as was evidenced by the temporary receiver’s report and recommendations to the court before she left.

Ewing is a reasonable man who understands the human predicament and who understands the job and what it takes.

His performance has been exemplary. He gets along with the Housing Authority’s employees and he keeps to the law conspicuously about what exactly should be done in every instance.

Efforts to undermine his leadership or to cut short his service are ill-advised.

Such efforts do no one any good.

What the authority needs right now is what it gets from Ewing – solid leadership, interest and care about people as human beings who are tenants of the authority.

Ewing has knowledge and understanding about the authority and its nuances that make him a valuable as well as a valued asset.

Removing Ewing or attempting to remove Ewing does nothing to improve the day to day operations of the authority. In fact, such efforts undermine his authority and cast doubt on his leadership.

Ewing is a near to perfect fit for the CHA.

Watching Ewing closely makes better sense than getting rid of him.

The new Board of Directors should be spending their time watching his performance and judging it rather than carrying on time consuming campaigns to get rid of him.

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