Police Contract Negotiations Heading in Wrong Direction

There is an old expression that you get more with honey than with vinegar when you are trying to persuade someone to your point of view.

When you are the Chelsea Police, your badge should always be used before you try to intimidate people with your gun.

If you try to bully or to push or to otherwise coerce city officials into a raise, as the Chelsea Police union leadership is attempting to do, it sets the wrong example, especially because the police are here to protect the residents from intimidation not to be practicing it unfettered on their own.

The recent intensification of the police raise campaign attempting to smear the city and its leaders is questionable. It is highly negative and non-productive. It really is out of character here, where the police are welcome and respected by the vast majority of the men and women served in this city.

When Chief Brian Kyes served as the police union negotiator, there was never vituperation, name calling, fake parking tickets placed on cars and on and on.

The police department’s union officials need to meet with Chief Kyes in order to learn how to negotiate a contract with the city.

We urge them to meet and to discuss the matter and to discuss ending the negative media campaign which is frankly doing no one any good.

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