McLaughlin Grand Jury Examining Evidence

Disgraced former Chelsea Housing Authority Executive Director Michael McLaughlin is being investigated by a grand jury. That same grand jury has asked Lt. Governor Tim Murray to testify and possibly this week.

McLaughlin, who resigned before Governor Deval Patrick had the chance to fire him, was being paid $360,000 a year by the CHA.

The outrage that followed the revelation of his salary has not subsided.

McLaughlin has become a pariah in Chelsea. He has become a pariah to those employed by public housing agencies everywhere.

The Lt. Governor valued McLaughlin as a friend or perhaps it was the other way around, with McLaughlin taking liberties and duping Murray as he duped all of us.

One would like to think that is the case.

McLaughlin had us all fooled, everyone.

We were fooled once. We won’t be fooled again.

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