When Independence Means Everything

There is a dramatic and growing need for safe and affordable housing that allows the elderly to retain their independence and to live their lives with as few impediments as possible.

This type of housing provides seniors with a number of services and amenities to continue living by themselves with the option of choosing to take supportive services at any time.

There is a corporation here in Chelsea called MHPI, Inc. It is the owner, operator and manager of Senior Living on Bellingham Hill which stands on the footprint of the former Chelsea Memorial Hospital.

For the past 12 years, MHPI has done a first class job of providing great housing, solid management and the option of added services for its residents.

Since 2000, MHPI has provided housing for very low income men and women over 62, many of whom were born and bred here and just as many others who came here seeking the American Dream from other countries.

MHPI has stepped up to the plate in a big way to fill the need for what is referred to in the industry as Service Enriched Housing.

The need for such housing is very great all over the nation and this is especially true here in Chelsea.

Again, the housing is geared toward those whose medical and mental condition is such that they are able to live alone yet may require some help with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing and remembering to take their medicine.

Recently, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development solicited applications for a grant for Service Enriched Housing.

MHPI has answered that call and submitted an application.

We urge the folks examining the MHPI application at HUD to examine closely the great job they have performed here in Chelsea.

Whatever and wherever MHPI puts its mind to, the end result is a better living situation for those who qualify for Service Enriched Housing.

Its track record speaks for itself.

We urge HUD, on merit, to approve their present application.

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