Robert Verrier

The Chelsea architect Robert Verrier was recently awarded the highest prize an architect can garner during a life spent in the profession.

It is called the AIA and since receiving it a few weeks ago, he is no known as Robert Verrier, AIA (American Institute of Architecture).

Verrier is the director, one of the owners and co-founders of the Architectural Team located on Admiral’s Hill.

The firm employs about 65 and is located in the former Commandant’s house – the Georgian red brick beauty at the base of the hill.

Verrier loves this city. He came here 30 years ago when nearly everyone in the business told him he was out of his mind for moving the firm here.

Verrier has always walked to the tune of a different drummer.

He is quite a good guy and a gifted architect.

We offer him our congratulations on being named, AIA.

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