New Legislation Being Debated May Benefit Local Breweries

Dockside Restaurant and Bar had its official ribbon cutting Wednesday afternoon which was well attended. Among those noted at the ribbon cutting were: Joe McNamee, Councillor Chris Cataldo, City Manager Jay Ash, Everett City Councillor Wayne Matewski, School Committeewoman Rosemarie Carlisle, Councillor Paula Barton, President of the Chelsea Bank Joe Vinard, City Council President Leo Robinson, cutting the ribbon Jackie Urbaczewski, Saritin Rizzuto, John Brown, Dennis Cataldo of Cataldo Ambulance, D. Bruce Mauch of Chelsea Clock, Lisa Urbaczewski, Senator Sal DiDomenico, and Don Harney of the Chamber of Commerce.

A new piece of legislation being debated on Beacon Hill this week should be a positive change for local craft brewery companies like the Mystic Brewery in Chelsea if passed.

The Massachusetts Brewers Guild is lobbying law makers to pass the bill that would help upstart craft beer companies struggling to get thier beers on the shelves at liquor stores and restaurants.

“This is an important piece of consumer legislation,” said Lauren Malone, an account executive for Carpman Communications who has been working with the Massachusetts Brewers Guild. “The legislation  will update a 40-year-old law and provide craft beer brewers in the area the ability to change distributors if that distributor is not properly getting their beer to store shelves and local restaurants.”

Under current state law it is virtually impossible for a brewer to switch distribution companies.

“For consumers, the legislation means wider choice of craft beer when shopping at the local package store,” said Malone. “House Bill 1897 would make it easier for small brewers to move from wholesaler to wholesaler if they are unhappy and provide consumers with a wide range of choice when purchasing craft beers.”

A vote on the legislation is expected on March 21.

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