Mike McLaughlin Redux

Over and over again the city is continuing to have its eyes blackened by the greed inspired avarice and likely illegal doings of disgraced former Chelsea Housing Authority executive director Mike McLaughlin.

Once again the Globe’s reporters have published a long and meandering piece about McLaughlin’s fundraising efforts for Lt. Governor Tim Murray in last Sunday’s newspaper.

The piece centered in on McLaughlin’s fund raising with the impression given that everyone who gave to the Lt. Gov at the behest of McLaughlin did so out of fear of retribution.

Also, the impression was given that McLaughlin wanted all donations given to him in cash and then presumably gave the money to the Lt. Governor which he then placed in his campaign account.

The idea that the Lt. Governor would take cash from McLaughlin is ludicrous. We know the Lt. Governor. He’s not that kind of guy.

McLaughlin on the other hand, was that kind of guy but we didn’t know this until it was revealed that he was bilking the CHA of $360,000 a year for his services and laughing all the way to the bank.

Then came the Lt. Governor’s car accident and revelations of his friendship with McLaughlin, and his fall has been astounding and now most recently, the bit about McLaughlin’s allegedly heavy handed fundraising efforts for the Lt. Governor has managed to keep him alive as a story in the Globe.

Around here, he is as dead as his good reputation.

His name is ruined. He is a laughing stock. What, we wonder, could he have imagined would be the ultimate outcome of his $360,000 a year salary being revealed?

Lt. Governor Murray is a good guy apparently taken down a primrose path by the evil McLaughlin.

It turns out McLaughlin was Murray’s biggest fundraiser and the two shared a friendship.

That doesn’t make Murray a bad guy or a thief. Many of us believed in McLaughlin and considered him a friend. He let all of us down. He embarrassed all of us.

The Lt. Governor’s fortunes have fallen since his accident and the McLaughlin connection revelations.

He’s trying to rebuild himself but its almost impossible once he’s been made to answer.

Once you’ve been made to answer, your goose is cooked.

We’re not sure Murray is ruined but it’s coming pretty close to that.

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