Foreclosures and What Government Has Promised

The foreclosure nightmare for working folks in this city and in cities and towns across the land is an embarrassment and an abomination. Not since the Great Depression have so many faced losing so much after working so hard to gain for themselves their own homes.

The President has made countless announcements about government programs intended to help people out of foreclosure and to save their homes, to cut the size of mortgages underwater and to make available new lower interest mortgages for those who deserved them.

These programs almost en masse have been failures.

It is especially troubling that those losing their homes do not have either the administration or the US Government to bail them out.

The foreclosure crisis is symbolic of the nation’s lack of leadership.

It also points to the fact that our leadership simply doesn’t care about the plight of the working class or the working poor.

The government stopped caring about the middle-class ages ago.

Only the rich and powerful seem to matter.

What a shame that is for this nation.

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