Senate Candidate Comes to Town: Senate Hopeful Warren Campaigns in Chelsea

Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren came to Chelsea Wednesday morning. She stopped off at Tito’s Bakery on Broadway to meet the pub¬lic. Shown in the above photograph is senate candidate Warren, far right, Isabelle Avellaneda, her son Cristian, a Chelsea firefighter, Isabelle’s husband Tito Avellaneda and their son, former councilor Roy Avellaneda.

Elizabeth Warren came to the city Wednesday morning for a stop at Tito’s Bakery on Broadway.

During this campaign stop shortly before noon on a chilly, overcast morning, the democratic senatorial candidate hoping to topple present republican Senator Scott Brown, mixed it up a bit with a wide variety of local residents sipping their coffee at the well known Broadway bakery.

“I am excited to be here,” Warren told the Chelsea Record. “Its great to be in Chelsea,” she added.

Warren spoke at length with the Avellanedas whose bakery has become a first stop of sorts for  democratic candidates during the past decade.

Governor Deval Patrick passed through Tito’s during his successful re-election effort last year. Roy Avellaneda, the former Chelsea councilor, was a field operative for Patrick.

Many people came up to Warren and introduced themselves.

She spoke with everyone who wished to do so with her.

And then she was off to her next campaign stop.

Early reports indicate that Senator Brown is not as popular with voters as he was when first elected.

Polling reveals a growing negative for Brown.

Polling has not yet been substantial enough to place Warren exactly.

However, some early polling indicates she may have a good chance of catching Brown.

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