FBI Moving to Chelsea; Official Word Forthcoming

Sources close to the General Services Administration and ACS Development of Chelsea say that the GSA has finalized, approved and signed a contract with the Chelsea development firm to build the FBI’s Northeast Regional headquarters in Chelsea.

Official word is expected from the GSA and ACS in the next few days, according to those sources.

ACS is set to build a 200,000 square foot, $100 million facility. The GSA will lease the space from ACS and the FBI will occupy it.

The building will stand in the Everett Avenue, Maple, Beach and Spruce Streets triangle between the Wyndham Hotel and the Massachusetts General Hospital facility.

“I have no reason to believe the reports of an agreement being signed aren’t true,” said City Manager Jay Ash. “We’re ecstatic here at city hall. The FBI coming here continues the remarkable success we’ve had here during the last decade and a half. I’m excited,” he added.

The city stands to gain substantial rewards with the announcement the FBI is coming here.

The building permit alone will cost ACS about $250,000.

Taxes paid on the finished property will amount to approximately $750,000 a year.

According to Ash, the building project will take well over one year, will employ hundreds of trades people and laborers and require as well millions of dollars of materials, goods and services that will affect the local business economy in a positive way.

Those familiar with the project predicted it will be ready for occupancy during mid-summer of 2013.

Five hundred FBI agents and personnel will be working out of the facility.

The city will provide services up to the property line of the new building. The developer provides everything else. The city is also responsible for providing adequate public safety and fire protection, plowing of the streets in winter and proper drainage.

Thus ends almost four years of intensive lobbying by a variety of high-powered interests who vied for the right to house the FBI.

The city of Boston was high among those hopefuls and was bitterly disappointed when the FBI chose Chelsea over Boston as the site for its regional headquarters.

The coming official announcement seals the deal on what is arguably the biggest single building project in the city’s modern history.

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