To the Monkiewicz Family

The Kayem people are enormously successful with their products, which we love, and they are generous people to the residents of this city, which we appreciate and admire.

However, their vacant property on Winnisimmet Street is a white elephant as it was allowed to remain vacant for longer than two years. Whatever zoning existed before exists no longer. The space can’t be rented. It can be sold but then the buyer has to receive special permits to use the space. There are very few people out there willing to buy such a property.

So it is time for the Kayem people to think about how long they want to insure the place and to maintain it empty, for it appears that could be a long, long time.

Successful people like the Monkiewiczes have the ability to figure everything out.

We know they’ll do the right thing with this empty property. The only question is when?

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