Dinner and a Movie — in the Same Spot

Chatters Bar & Grill staff members Pat Lasala and Debra Senibaldi produce some unique drinks at the theatre’s lounge, including martinis that incorporate Pop Rocks candy and chocolate covered fruits.

A new movie viewing experience cannot be embarked upon without a full stomach, and for the past four years Showcase has featured its Chatters Bar & Grill in the lobby of the theatre – a feature that could be overlooked in the rush to get to the theatre.

Featuring everything from innovative drinks such as the Pop’n Rocks Martini (which actually has the candy Pop Rocks in it) to solid burgers and appetizers, and even some great desserts (don’t be shy about trying the Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake).

In the rush to the theatre, don’t forget to stop for dessert. Chatters has great choices for dessert, including this Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake.

One of the best values is the Appetizer Sampler Bento Box, which features an assortment of several appetizers presented for two in a nice little box (hence the Bento Box tag). Also, one may not think of eating a salad at the movies, but the baby spinach and Strawberry salad is actually worth traveling for, let alone stopping by for prior to a show.

Topping it off is great service, and staff members Pat Lasala and Debra Senibaldi are friendly and welcoming – and ready to accommodate most any dining request.

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