Development taking off at the Mystic Mall

The Mystic Mall is an example of the way things are going in Chelsea.

The supermarket itself is the leading example of a successful, capital-intensive development that has gone to plan.

Also going according to plan is the old Demoulas store that is undergoing a reincarnation.

Two weeks ago Home Goods opened its doors.

Last Sunday T.J. Maxx opened.

In the spring, the owners of the Malden and Wakefield Dockside Restaurant and Bar, former residents of Chelsea, will open a major restaurant and bar operation at the same location.

Business has been brisk at the Home Goods store, according to company officials.

Last Sunday Home Goods was packed with shoppers for most of the day.

T.J. Maxx was mobbed at its official opening Sunday.

There is no doubt Dockside, when it is up and running, will also be a great success.

When all is said and done and Dockside opens its doors, more than 1,000 jobs collectively will have been created (the bulk of them by the vastly expanded Market Basket) by these four establishments.

In addition, investments made in the mall go well into the many millions of dollars.

Best of all, there is no end in sight for developing this sprawling property which the Demoulas Family wants to bring up to full use.

Ultimately, there could be market value housing and a train stop, more retail stores and even office properties.

All of this is the doing of City Manager Jay Ash, the Demoulas Family and the city’s heads up development office led by Ned O’Keefe.

In fact, all this development in the midst of the nation’s worst recession and post recession period is made all the more unbelievable because of that.

This success is all about foresight and planning.

It is about knowing how to develop valuable property.

It is also about a city receptive to development with all its various offices working together and never losing sight of the prize.

The recession has flattened new development across this state and the nation but not in Chelsea.

Development is continuing here.

Job creation is evident here.

Unemployment remains high but new business is making a dent in it.

And that’s saying something.

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