The City Council at Its Best

The Chelsea City Council’s recent vote to keep City Manager Jay Ash in Chelsea was a profile in courage for that board.

It showed, above all else, that this city council is responsible, clear thinking, business minded and concerned about the residents and well being of this city.

The unanimous vote the council gave to retain Ash speaks volumes about the integrity and foresight of the present group presiding over the government of the city.

The unanimous vote, above all, showed great respect for Ash, to the process, and to high level of honesty with which government today is conducted in Chelsea.

In fact, this vote confirmed what many of us already believed – that this city government does not have to be persuaded to make an on-merit decision.

It showed also the extent to which politics, personal politics especially, has been weaned from government in this city.

No councilor needed to question themselves about the value of keeping the city manager for another 4 years.

Everything good Ash has done is profoundly apparent to the councilors and to everyone who watches how things are going in the city of Chelsea.

He was reappointed on merit by a council whose vision and honesty is to be congratulated.

It wasn’t always this way in the Chelsea of old.

It used to be who you are, whom you supported, or what you would do for the various councilors if they voted for you.

In other words, what would they and their supporters get in return?

The unanimous vote for Ash signaled a moment in this city’s modern history when the city council showed itself to be assertive, intelligent and capable of leadership.

The unanimous vote for the city manager who has done so much – and who is now planning to turn up the heat in the years to come – is a seminal moment in the history of the council.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as good judgment when it takes place in the city council chamber in Chelsea.

The unanimous vote for Ash wasn’t just another vote.

It was an achievement.

We congratulate the city council for exercising its good judgment.

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