The FBI comes to Chelsea

In the old days right before receivership, it was always very bad news to a great number of people in this city, including elected public officials, city hall types and local bookmakers that the FBI is coming.

That was then. This is now.
The FBI is coming to a renewed Chelsea, to a gold standard run and managed city that is now the example of how a municipality ought to be run instead of being the example of how not to run a city.

The FBI coming here to build its New England headquarters is a compliment to the efforts of every Chelsea city official that worked to depict this city as the one place the FBI would do well to move to.

It is an extraordinary event when the FBI chooses Chelsea over Boston for its major headquarters.

In fact, the choice being made for Chelsea over Boston is the stuff of miracles.

Mind you, the FBI decision was on merit.

It couldn’t be bought. It couldn’t be manufactured.

Chelsea has what it takes to be named the choice and there is something extremely satisfying about that.

According to the FBI’s experts who have the say about where the FBI’s New England office should be located, Chelsea passed the test.

The FBI coming here is about success begetting success.

It is about the city’s thriving commercial and real estate district taking a great leap forward.

It is about the city’s strong forward movement despite the nagging recession.

And it is about having competent leadership from the top down.

Lastly, it is about Chelsea’s demons of yesteryear being excised, and in such a way, that Chelsea’s reputation was better than that of South Boston’s when it came down to the final choice being made by the FBI.

We welcome and praise the FBI’s decision to relocate here.

Compared with where they are right now in downtown Boston, they will never have had it so good.

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