Police hunt murderers of two Chelsea men

State Police detectives and Chelsea police are hunting down the men who gunned down two Chelsea young men in their apartment early Monday morning.

Angel Acevedo, 25, and Jenret Appleberry, 26, were apparently executed at close range by gunmen around 2:00 a.m.

Both men, who were well known to local police, were found dead about 9:30 a.m.

As word spread in the community of the double homicide, a large crowd in the hundreds gathered in front of the residence at 94 Chester Avenue causing Chelsea police to seek the aid of State Police, who arrived in force as detectives sealed off the house and began their investigation.

State and local police would not comment on the investigation, however those close to the investigation claim that police have solid leads they are following up on.

“There were other people inside the apartment at the time the two found dead were shot,” said a source. “Why the others inside the apartment were not shot is up for speculation,” the source added.

On You-Tube and in neighborhood circles, it was alleged that at least a third man was inside the apartment with his child at the time the gunmen committed the murders. Upon finding him, he apparently held his child in front of him and the gunmen allegedly relented, sources claimed.

Others familiar with the dead men say that their deaths may have been caused by their complicity in other acts of violence and altercations, that their deaths may have been revenge or something as simple as a warning from those who killed them.

The motive for the killings, however, remains something the police are trying to piece together.

Police apparently asked the two dead men to cooperate with them in recent months, a source claimed.

“They refused – and now they’re dead,” said the source.

City officials and local police officials lay the blame for the recent double homicide on bad people doing bad things to other bad people.

“This was not a random act,” said an official who wished to remain unnamed.

“This type of thing doesn’t happen to people who lead better lives,” he added.

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