Ashley Rodrigeuz

There is an old quote uttered by a 19th Century American Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes that sums up where Ashley Rodriguez is today.

“The higher you’ve climbed the greater the fall. Never speak of the end of a period for you are always at the beginning of a new one.”

Rodriguez did very well, all things considered, as she moved up the ladder on American Idol, this nation’s most watched entertainment television show for aspiring musicians and singers.

She failed to make the cut last week among a highly group of talented young people.

She should hold her head high.

She performed well. She gave everything she had to give. Her performance was hardly perfunctory.

American Idol is what it is.

Simon Cowel, its chief architect, is inevitably himself at all times as he was with Rodriguez.

Frankly, we don’t care for Cowel or his painfully materialistic manner about everything having to do with the contestants that come before him.

We believe he did Rodriguez an injustice.

This being said, we know Rodriguez.

This is not the end.


This is just the beginning of much bigger things to follow for her.

She has an indomitable spirit.

More than that, she is a bonafide talent just coming into her own as a young adult.

Big things are in store for this fabulous, beautiful, talented young Chelsea woman.

We regret the outcome on American Idol.

We wish her the best and there is no question she will be a huge success as a performer in the future.

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