Governor Patrick visits city; meets hundreds during tour

Governor Deval Patrick came to the city Monday morning and received a warm reception from hundreds of residents who came out to greet him at various locations that included Tito’s Bakery, Chelsea Collaborative, Chelsea Chamber of Commerce and Centro Latino.

Patrick, accompanied by Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash, did a complete tour of the downtown, arriving here at 8:15 a.m. at Tito’s, where he was met by a huge crowd that packed the well-known Broadway bakery.

Patrick walked both sides of Broadway – ending his tour in Bellingham Square about two hours later when he waved good-bye before boarding the 111 bus to Boston.

“It is a great pleasure to be here, to see all of you again, and to enjoy what Chelsea has to offer,” the governor said to the crowd in brief remarks at Tito’s.

Everywhere he went, the governor was stopped by residents who recognized him or who came over to him to shake his hand.

Even a group of younger people wearing hooded sweatshirts recognized him.

“Yo, hey dude – the governor,” they said in unison.

“What you doing here, man,” they repeated as they walked by.

“Are you guys OK?” the governor asked in a strong voice.

“We’re down. Yo. We’re down,” they replied.

It was that kind of day for the governor, who is ramping up his campaign for re-election.

At Tito’s, he was met by a mob of residents, activists and politicians.

At the Collaborative, Gladys Vega, the Collaborative’s executive director, guided him through the new facility.

At the Chamber of Commerce he met with local business leaders.

After leaving Tito’s, the governor met with local police on Broadway. He received an informational from Chelsea Police about new technology allowing for better police enforcement.

At Centro Latino, the governor met with dozens of students taking a class and with officials from Centro Latino, including Juan Vega.

During his walk downtown with Ash, he and the governor talked with one another about the economy, job creation, and business in the downtown.

“You will notice,” Ash said with pride, “there are no vacancies along Broadway.”

The governor spoke briefly with local developer Jerry Sneirson, who has almost single-handedly changed the face of Broadway with his ambitious project which houses the downtown CVS store.

In another building adjacent to it, the Collaborative has set up its new home.

“The governor was impressive,” Sneirson said. “It was nice to see him walking on Broadway,” he added.


Many, many residents went out of their way to come approach the governor – who was approachable and beguiling with nearly everyone he met or talked with.

“He has a wonderful way about himself,” remarked Dan Cortell, the District 8 Councillor.

“I trust he enjoyed himself while he was here,” he added.

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