Senator Galluccio’s fall

He was a man who had come to be a senator and who was serving with distinction but was unable to control or to confront the demons residing inside.

One of the terrible things about what is inside us, is that it ultimately comes outside.

And so, when he was involved in a hit and run accident in October in Cambridge, injuring two people and from which he fled before turning himself in, the end was near.

He still had a chance to beat the odds he had stacked against himself but he failed.

On the first day of his home confinement ordered by the court, he failed three sobriety tests, failures that he later blamed on the toothpaste he was using on the day this week he went to court.

Such a defense in the face of such overwhelming evidence arrayed against him sank the ship.

He was handcuffed and sent away to jail for a year by a Medford District Court judge.

In a way, he put Anthony Galluccio out of his misery – that is – he sent him away to deal with everything that is wrong with himself.

Resigning from the senate as he did Tuesday was a start but defending himself from the charges against him and urging his former colleagues to aid him in an appeal does not resonate.

He does not yet realize that he must come completely clean about his demons in order to gain redemption.

Those of us who know him and who understand him and who still like him want to believe Galluccio will finally free himself with the truth.

Otherwise, he’s just another drunk hit and run driver who used to be in the senate.

Considering who he was, what he aspired to and what he has come to be, this would be tragic – more tragic than it was for us to watch him being led away to jail in handcuffs, still not comprehending what has happened to him.

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