Senator Galluccio jailed; resigns senate seat

State Senator Anthony Galluccio was jailed Monday afternoon for violating the stipulations of the house arrest placed upon him for his involvement in a hit and run automobile accident in Cambridge in October, has resigned his seat.

In a letter to Senate President Therese Murray he apologized for his actions and said he accepted full responsibility for them.

Also, he continued to maintain his innocence.

In a Medford court room late Monday afternoon, Judge Matthew Nestor ordered Galluccio jailed for one-year year after dismissing the senator’s claims that the toothpaste he was using caused him to fail a series of Breathalyzer tests in his home on the first day the device was placed there by probation department officials in December.

Immediately following the judge’s order, Galluccio was handcuffed by court officials and led away. He was taken to a cell in the Middlesex County Jail at Cambridge, where he will apparently be spending the remainder of his sentence.

Galluccio told the court during the proceedings that he had not had a drink of alcohol since being placed on probation on December 18.

At the hearing, Judge Nestor made it clear that he did not believe the senator.

“I’m satisfied that, in fact, the defendant ingested alcohol,” Nestor said from the bench, as reported in the Boston Herald.

“He didn’t last a week. The suspended sentence is revoked.”

Senate President Therese Murray said Tuesday she was urging Galluccio to resign he seat, and if he didn’t, the senate would likely take action on the matter.

In 1984, Galluccio was arrested for drunken driving. He was arrested again in 1997 for the same infraction. In 2005, it was determined Galluccio had been drinking when he rammed into three automobiles in Boston. In October last year, he rear-ended a car and fled. A young boy was injured in the accident. Gallucccio plead guilty and was sentenced to home confinement.

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