Happy New Year

There is no way to know what awaits us before it happens – and so – we watch the coming of 2010 with great interest and hope.

The hope is for a healthy, prosperous New Year.

The interest is in having a positive year of gains and success in both our personal lives and in business – and we should leave room for our spiritual lives as well.

The past year has been one of test and of economic failure.

Who would have thought or known that the United States automobile industry would collapse in 2009?

Wall Street’s giants also collapsed or disappeared with a few being brought back to life with government loans. There were one or two economists who predicted all this, but not many others.

Shouldn’t we have known the American banking system was about to be turned upside down?

And what about the stock market and all our retirement accounts?

In 2008 there were no hints that 2009 would bring a collapse in those values to the tune of trillions of dollars.

In 2009 there was soaring hope and soaring despair. There was unreality and reality too hard to take – and there were moments in 2009 when it seemed that the American economy was headed for a calamitous collapse.

The center held in 2009.

The worst of the economic drama is past, we believe.

Now we are ready to usher in 2010.

It is the last year of the decade, which seems to have sped by with the speed of a rocket.

The nation has gone from George Bush to Barack Obama, from yes we can to wondering whether or not we can.

2010 looks to be the first year the nation attempts to provide health insurance care and health care reform for all its citizens.

It will be a year of rebuilding confidence in the economy and in ourselves.

It will be a year of attempting new job creation for without that, we can kiss the economy goodbye.

The years come and the years go.

2009 has passed with the snap of our fingers – just like that.

As we usher in 2010, we should make a promise to ourselves to make everyday count and to do more than that, to make everyday special moment in the unfolding story of our lives.

Happy New Year.

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