Memorial Plaques From St. Stanislaus Church Find New Homes

Peter Zaksheski had an idea about the memorial plaque from St. Stanislaus Parish. He thought why not find a suitable place where this memorial could continue to publicly honor these Chelsea Men of St. Stanislaus Parish. And what better place than by the Chelsea Veterans Lot in Woodlawn Cemetery. With the help of Rev. Sheridan, the archdiocese agreed with this, and the plaque was placed in Peter’s temporary care until the cemetery was able to erect it in this sacred place. The Cemetery welcomed this idea and granted permission to place the monument on a stone pillar adjacent to the veterans lot in the cemetery.
Many people of Chelsea and surrounding communities
have fond memories of the former St. Stanislaus Church on Chestnut Street. The church closed a few years ago, but the Parish lives on in many hearts. Many of the religious artifacts and furnishings have been distributed to many other churches in the Boston Archdiocese and some to churches in other countries. Even the beautiful crystal chandeliers now have a new home in a church in Peabody. However, items that could not find a new home or appropriate use were destined to the Diocesan Archives for storage. One such item was a plaque which hung in the vestibule of St. Stan’s. This plaque was placed in memory of the Chelsea Men and Parishioners of St. Stanislaus who sacrificed their lives in various wars. And without a new home this monument would have been crated and stored away in a warehouse.
With special thanks to the Trustees at Woodlawn, William Monahan DFO, Allan Giangregorio, and the grounds crew at Woodlawn for installing the monument. The plaque is now in its new home and again in a place of fitting honor where anyone can see it and remember the sacrifice of these brave men.
All are invited to stop by the Chelsea Veterans
Lot and pay homage to these Honored Heroes of St. Stanislaus Parish, who to quote President Lincoln; “gave their lives that our nation might live…” and to the many Chelsea Veterans who are placed there to rest eternally in that hallowed ground.

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