Temple Ner Tamid Honors Richard and Loretta Band for Their Many Years of Distinguished and Selfless Service

Richard Band has great memories of his years growing up in the Central Avenue “projects” and attending Shurtleff School (K-9) and Chelsea High School, graduating in 1971.

During his childhood, Richard, son of Murray and Ethel Band, attended religious services at the Congregation Agudath Shalom (Walnut Street Synagogue) and celebrated his bar mitzvah there in 1966.

 “What I remember most about Chelsea are the close friends whom to this day I’m still friends with,” said Richard.

Barry Kirshon said about his lifelong friend, “I’ve known Richard since we were little kids growing up in Chelsea. He’s always been a kind and giving person, a mensch, a person whom I call a great friend and is always there when you need him.”

Saturday night before a capacity crowd, Richard Band and his wife, Loretta Band, who have been have been members of Temple Ner Tamid in Peabody for 30 years, were honored by the synagogue for their many years of dedication to the Peabody synagogue, and for their distinguished commitment and service to the community.”

It was a beautiful, Red Sox-themed event, and Bob Montgomery, the former Sox catcher and television analyst, presented a special award to Richard Band, a Sox season ticket holder for 30 years, and Loretta Band.

Richard, a certified public account who works at Goldfarb and Band and Company, and Loretta, a retired schoolteacher, had their family in attendance at the dinner.

The Bands’ daughter, Stephanie Kaplan, a schoolteacher, and her husband, Brian Kaplan, son, Josh Band, a former Peabody High and Rollins College baseball star who played professionally, and his wife, Catherine Band, who is a superb wedding photographer, and son, Jonathan, also a teacher, and his girlfriend, Luz, looked on proudly from a table at the front of the large hall. The Bands also have four grandchildren.

Temple Leaders Express Their Appreciation and Gratitude

Dinner Co-Chair Eric Richman read remarks on behalf of Temple Ner Tamid President Adele Lubarsky, a retired Chelsea school principal, who was unable to attend the dinner.

“I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Loretta and Richie for many years,” wrote Lubarsky. “I probably knew Richie way back when he graduated high school with sister and went to Hebrew School with her before that.

“I was introduced to Loretta as a USY parent and spent many hours with her in the temple. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Loretta and even asked her to be one of the Temple Ner Tamid vice-presidents during my first or second or third term. She is a shining star on our board. Loretta is a leader and one of the most pleasant, caring woman I know. She goes with the flow when I start talking Chelsea with Richie. She knows how strong these Chelsea bonds are.

“Richard is a true mensch. As a matter of fact, he was honored by the Jewish Journal as a mensch. Richard and Loretta can be relied on to act with honor and integrity. They are decent, wise, kind, honest, trustworthy, respected, respectful and compassionate,” concluded Lubarsky.

Temple Ner Tamid Senior Rabbi Richard Perlman said of Richard and Loretta Band, “They are perfect examples of people who just do it, get it done, and don’t ask for cover or anything, or the thanks. The two of you are incredible people who lead by example. You show us what it’s like to love what you do, to love helping others, to give of yourselves without expectation of a thank you. That’s so beautiful, and that’s such a wonderful representation of the two of you.”

Guests of Honor Deliver Their Remarks

Richard said in the couple’s address to the many Temple Ner Tamid members and friends in attendance, “Loretta and I would like to thank everyone for joining us on this very special evening, and I would especially like to thank my wife, Loretta, who definitely deserves this honor.

“It is terrific to see so many friends and family find the time to come together for a good positive occasion – we have all our children and extended children in the room this evening,” continued Richard. “We have our “Band” of brothers from Chelsea who have been close friends for more than 60 years.

“And here we are with our Temple Ner Tamid family. We have many friendships here and celebrated all life’s moments with our Temple.

“Tonight, we are celebrating something wonderful. We are celebrating family values and Tzsedakah. We have always worked at creating a warm and welcoming home to share with our family and friends. And we are glad that we could bring so many friends and family here with us to celebrate our Temple Ner Tamid home.”

After thanking the committee that organized the event, Richard and Loretta closed with a fitting quote from their all-time favorite movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

“The richest man in town, not measured in dollars and cents, but measured in love and friendship. No man is a failure who has friends.

Loretta and I are truly fortunate we have our friends, family, four spectacular grandchildren, and Chloe the bulldog. It does not get any better than this.”

One more warm and sustained ovation enveloped Richard and Loretta Band as they walked to their table.

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